Ayuntamiento de Uclés

Ayto. Uclés

Uclés is a small municipality that dates from the prehistoric period and still bears visible traces of its Roman (), Visigothic (), Arab () and Christian () past.

The first impression of Uclés is obtained from the hill known as Cerro del Portillo, from where we can look across to the monumental hilltop opposite and the buildings that speak of the town’s history. On the left, to the north, is the monastery that crowns the complex, followed by the Pontido and Palomar towers, which are connected by a bridge and a stretch of the old fortified wall. To the south, separate from the rest of the structure, stands the Albarrana Tower. At the foot of the hill is a saw-tooth fortified wall and, below that, an orchard enclosed within its own walls and traversed by the River Bedija, on the banks of which stands an old mill from bygone days. To the north, other town buildings stretch along the east side of the monastery.

With its wealth of historical remains, tranquil natural surroundings and friendly people, our town has a unique charm that invites visitors to stroll through the streets, enjoy the fine cuisine and stay at one of the local establishments. And as the final touch to the whole experience, a tour of the monastery.

Welcome to Uclés. We hope you enjoy your stay!