Ayuntamiento de Uclés

Ayto. Uclés

Ressa House

Situated next to the church of Santa María is the Ressa House, a building that has undergone a painstaking renovation to restore its stately appearance with a central courtyard surrounded by a gallery.

The house was home to an illustrious local figure: Santos González de Salcedo Ressa Quiñones y Retortillo, the son of Pedro González de Salcedo and Mª Angustias de Ressa, the latter belonging to one of the oldest noble families in Uclés.

In 1802, Santos obtained a degree in law from the University of Granada and in 1811 he emigrated to Jalapa (Mexico), subsequently settling in Veracruz. He returned to Spain following an uprising during which he lost all his possessions. In 1821 he was appointed the district judge for Arcos de la Frontera.

He returned to Uclés in 1823 to take up the position of lawyer for the Ecclesiastical Court of the Royal House of Santiago in Uclés. In 1836 he was appointed constitutional mayor of Uclés and is remembered as one of the finest mayors the town has ever had. In fact, a street bears his name (Calle Don Santos). He was a senator for the Cuenca province between 1842 and 1843.