Ayuntamiento de Uclés

Ayto. Uclés

Town Hall

Plaza Pelayo Quintero, 1
16452 - Uclés, Cuenca

How to get there

The north side of the square is dominated by the town hall, the construction of which began in 1596.

It has a colonnade with three brick semi-circular arches, granite columns and a continuous balcony. The building was last renovated in the 1990s and in 2015 it was extended by the construction of an annex.

It houses a large archive with a vast number of documents, some of them dating from the 14th century.

A plaque on the arch over Calle Angustias commemorates the tragic Battle of Uclés in 1809, a gift from the Madrid Historical and Cultural Volunteers Association which plays a key role in the ceremonies that have been held in the town every year since the second anniversary of the battle.