Ayuntamiento de Uclés

Ayto. Uclés


The building that houses the chapel of Uclés forms part of a complex comprising the church, the parish house (practically derelict) and a garden, all owned by the diocese of Cuenca.

The building was erected on the former site of the Omnium Sanctorum or Todos los Santos hospital (managed by the Royal Convent of the Order of Santiago). The construction works began when the church of Santa María was demolished (1905), and material and furnishings from the “broken church” in the square were incorporated. Luis Ferrer was the parish priest of Uclés at the time. The chapel opened to worshippers on 10 September 1908 and served as the parish church until it closed in September 1967.

The building adopts a rectangular floor plan with small ashlars for the walls and larger ashlars at the corners. A semi-circular arch frames the entrance. The latest renovation works were carried out between 2010 and 2015 and included the reconstruction of the nave with a new pitched roof and a new steeple. A side entrance was also created to facilitate access. As testified by the inscription on the bell, which is still used today, this was a gift from Father Aurelio Martínez, abbot of the Augustinian school and monastery in Uclés.