Ayuntamiento de Uclés

Ayto. Uclés

Velázquez y Cárdenas House

Antonio de Velázquez and Isabel de Cárdenas were the founders of the Velázquez y Cárdenas estate in Uclés, with records of their presence dating back to 1506.

Ámaro Velázquez was mayor of Uclés in 1587 and lived with his siblings on Calle Baldosería, alongside the Peralta, Aguirre and Hierro families.

The ancestral home still bears traces of the original main entrance and the family coat-of-arms with a rampant lion and five cauldrons and a fleur de lis for Velázquez and Cárdenas.

In the 18th century the family emigrated to Mexico, leaving the administration of their estate in the hands of Tomás de Torres Moya. For this reason they came to be known as “the Indians” and the site on which the house stood is called “Corral de los Indios” [Indian Yard].