Ayuntamiento de Uclés

Ayto. Uclés

Inauguración (1595)

Discalced Carmelites Convent

The site of the “Carmelite threshing floor” still contains remains of the convent of the same name that once stood there.

García de Torres Castro founded the Barefoot Carmelite convent in 1595. It had its own church, dedicated to Saint Joseph, as well as an orchard, hospital and cemetery, which extended as far as the Sanctorum (Todos los Santos hospital), and its printing house put out works such as the Recopilación de la Orden del Carmen and the Epistolario Espiritual (1623 and 1624).

In the late 15th century, the Torres family owned a chapel at the Santiago monastery but became involved in a legal wrangle over its maintenance. When the Carmelite convent was built, they opted to create a new one there.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the convent was home to twenty-four Discalced Carmelites. On 26 February 1809, the Gaceta de Valencia published the following report based on information supplied by a resident of Uclés: “They seized 69 people, including three priests, three monks of the Order of Santiago, three friars of the Calced Carmelite order, three nuns of the same Order, and several women, and they slit their throats with the same terrible inhumanity, subsequently taking some of them for this operation (unheard of!) to the public butcher’s.”